in a self-guided program that was created by someone who suffered with years of anxiety and found her way out
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say goodbye to anxiety 

Lucie Dickenson
Lucie is a sucessful writer, speaker and coach. Her purpose has always been to help people that suffer with anxiety to find their way out. After her personal recovery from anxiety, she found that she had the ability, compassion and insight to teach others to release anxiety in her easy to follow three step process. 
During this Training you will learn...
Stressed Woman

How to eliminate symptoms

Symptoms are what everyone wants to address first. This is because the symptoms are persistent, scary and interrupt our daily lives. Learn how to eliminate symptoms and feel peace again. 

Tree Roots

How to get to the root cause of your specific anxiety 

Many feel that once the symptoms are gone, that anxiety is cured. Unfortunately for most, this is not the case. Symptoms were there to get your attention. This training will get to the root cause of your anxiety and give you the steps to let it go. 

Man Looking Out to the Mountains

How to maintain balance in times of stress

The third step is maintainence. This is where you will learn how to keep your levels at a minimum so that when you do encounter stressful events or have a setback you are able to handle them with confidence and ease. 

Hear what people are saying...

There is a way...

Lucie shows an incredible amount of empathy and compassion. Combined with her ability to listen she is amazingly effective at getting to the root of why I felt “stuck” in my life and career. If you are looking for clarity, direction or struggling to find your purpose lucie is unparalleled in her ability to get you to where you need to be 


Because Lucie has gone through it she is a master at helping others curb their anxiety


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You Can Too...

What can I say - speaking to you literally has changed my life.


I have my life back.


Thank goodness for Lucie and teaching me how to get out of this world of anxiety


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This is an excellent opportunity for you to learn haw to let go of anxiety in a simple three step process.


I know, I have been there.

I want to help you get out of the stuck feelings and seemingly endless symptoms that create fear. I can remember searching for answers, but not wanting to be disappointed with another purchase of a program that did not work. That is why I created this program, because these are exactly the steps I took and how I said goodbye to anxiety and all the symptoms that plagued me day and night. 


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