Your Anxiety Toolbox

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where do I start?

Begin with the knowledge that you are not stuck.  You are love. You can heal from anxiety. Click on the heart for affirmations to begin building your anchor list. 

watch these videos

These videos will give you quick tips on how to reduce anxiety symptoms.  I made many of these videos during the lockdown so my pajama attire is appropriate :)

get outside

Exercise, meditation and outdoor grounding is vital for health. It may seem obvious to get outside, however we all need a reminder of  how our connection to nature can heal.

nutritional overview

Eating well  can be one of the most dramatic changes to help

anxiety symptoms. You empower yourself to know what foods work with your body & mind for a healthy life.

tapping (eft)

Tapping is a tool that works like acupuncture but no needles! You tap on acupressure points to let go of stuck energy.

This is easy to learn and great for all ages. 

muscle testing

Start with the knowledge that you are not stuck.  You are love. You can heal from anxiety. Click here for affirmations to begin building your anchor list. 

eyes on the prize

Anxiety keeps you stuck. It is important create goals so you have a focus. As you learn to focus on your goals, anxiety fades.

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putting it all together

The love always anxiety program puts all these steps above in one place so you have the information you need to heal from anxiety.