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thank you 

Here are your bonus gifts:   

1. the lil' hippie helper        

2. the limiting belief buster 

3. anxious hippie crayons.     

the lil' hippie helper

5 tips to help your child

(or you) feel a little more peaceful when dealing with panic and high anxiety

watch video and download the pdf. 

limiting belief buster

How to let go of those limiting beliefs with muscle testing. This is not an intro to muscle testing video. If you have not viewed my muscle testing 101 video or know about muscle testing you may want to take a look at my muscle testing intro video here first: 

Crayons For You

Fun to use your handbook like a kid! Use these crayons to color, curse & create! 

Just fill out the form and they will be mailed to you. Thank you for your support. 

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