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ask 4 questions

1. what is the problem? 

understanding and acceptance

2. what did you do? 

help and knowledge

3. how did you grow? 

forgiveness and perspective

4. who can you help?

service and intuition
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ask 4 questions

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Now that you know the 4 Questions, what do they do? 

We are all on a journey that is constantly in motion.

An event. We learn. We heal. We help.

And with new knowledge we take our next steps

It is the next steps that bring more events, lessons and growth.. and this keeps repeating. We soon realize that life is all about these 4 questions

     Each time we ask one of the questions, it gets us

closer to God/The Universe. How? Because we are acting from a place of love and not fear. As we continue to do this, we will master our peace and vibrate love

The Ask 4 Questions program teaches you not only to ask the 4 questions, but also teaches you, in detail, the steps you can take within each question. Finding and communicating with the healer inside yourself & feeling joyful in the journey

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what you will learn in this program


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How to identify your primary issue(s)  (Ask 4 Question #1) 

Many times what you think is the problem is just a symptom or a distraction for something else. By the end of this program you will be able to identify the roots of your symptoms and that will give you the insight for the next step 


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Why you are experiencing this issue(s) (Ask 4 Question #1)

You will be taught how to find and identify the roots, as well as investigating and learning to complete a workup for your unique blueprint. 


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How to come to peace with this issue(s) (Ask 4 Question #1) 

Before you move into healing, a step that is often overlooked and imperative is learning how to practice acceptance and understanding. 


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Reviewing what you have done to date. (Ask 4 Question #2) 

Just because you are taking this program doesn't mean everything you have done before was wrong or needs to be discarded. Nothing is by accident and the light work you have already completed will be incorporated in this step. 


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Building your toolbox. New methods. (Ask 4 Question #2) 

Creating space and goal setting. Before you can take that jump into healing and feeling better, you have to have a clear idea where you want to go. 


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How to understand and transmute within your unique blueprint.(Ask 4 Question #2) 

You will learn in depth and advanced healing techniques  (including my technique quantum mapping) that will catapult you out of feeling stuck, sick and full of symptoms into creation and healing mode. It is here what you have planted in the previous steps grows! 


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How to step into your true self (Ask 4 Question #3) 

How to accept the true you without the issue, symptoms and fears. Learn how to stop the cycle of going back again and again to what you have known an instead learn how to embrace and embed the truth of who and what your are. 


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How to integrate your new perspective (Ask 4 Question #3) 

Maintaining focus on the goals and learning how to tune out the inner/outer noise. You will learn how to stay centered and grounded and no longer be part of but instead an observer of the chaos. 


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Abundant mindset and manifesting (Ask 4  Question #3) 

Learn to vibrate and create from the space of love.  

Learn what to do when you setback into lower vibrations and how to move yourself up the vibrational scale effortlessly. 


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How to uncover who to help. (Ask 4  Question #4) 

Find your niche that has blossomed from your experience. Is this a global help to share and help others? Or this can be just an internal shift to share with yourself that gets you to the next step on your journey. You get to decide here with modules to find what makes your heart sing. 


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Goals come to fruition. (Ask 4  Question #4) 

Full circle celebration! The problem/issue from Question #11 is now viewed as not just an obstacle, but a step in your journey that got you to where your are now- vibrating and creating your goals and dreams!!!!

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ask 4 questions

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This is your healing program 

Your answers to the 4 questions are personal and unique to your. This program was made to utilize those answers  to bring you out of suffering and back into joy!  Letting go of symptoms  can be easy!

Done in your own time 

Even if you are super busy, this program works because the modules are yours.  And since we are continuously going throught the 4 questions  you have this  material to work thorough again and again. 

With a price that works

This program has a value in excess of $10,000. Why is this program priced below that ? Because no one should have to choose between finances and feeling healthy. This program is such a value !

 From someone who understands

I have been there - anxiety, chemical sensitivities, psoriasis, gut issues, food intolerances, hormone issues.  I get it. I understand your suffering. And I also know you can do this and feel better just like I did!!

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Hi! I am Lucie Dickenson and I have been coaching and helping people for over 10 years with anxiety, gut/digestion issues and chemical sensitivities.

I am the author of The Anxious Hippie and companion The Anxious Hippie Handbook. As a certified functional nutrition practitioner, 

energy healing and anxiety expert I know how frustrating it is to keep having the same crap happen again and again. It can feel like life handed you a bunch of lemons, and maybe that is true, but remember lemons are so very healing!!

Everything we need is right in front of us. I am honored to help show you how to find the healer within and master the 4 questions. 

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what people are saying

Lucie shows an incredible amount of empathy and compassion she is amazingly effective at getting to the root of why I felt “stuck” in my life and career

If you are looking for clarity, direction or struggling to find your purpose lucie is unparalleled in her ability to get you to where you need to be 

Lucie helped me get out of an anxiety world that I was stuck in.I have my life back and it is better than ever

I finally found someone that understood my symptoms. The sensitivities I had  (chemical and food) are gone! 


Why get this program ?

Using the 4 questions above, you will learn how to ask each question with the intention of encompassing the 7 pillars of self-care. It is through these questions that you find clarity,

healing and growth!!

The seven pillars this program will explore are physical, spiritual, emotional, relational, intellectual, social and safety.

When you learn how to embrace self-care completely your body, mind and life becomes a vessel and a connector to attract a vibrational match of goodness and light. And that puts you in a place of power to create the life you have always dreamed. 

Why this is for you!

The Ask 4 Questions program is for you if you are dealing with beliefs, fears, habits and actions that have been holding  your back from the life you wish to live.

If you have anxiety, fear, stress, hormone issues, gut issues, chemical and food sensitivities ; this program was made for you. 


Are you ready to move out of the fog and into the light to create, to enjoy to absolutely thrive in your life ? Take the steps to make that happen and learn how to tap into your unlimited potential with the Ask 4 Questions program today!

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The Ask 4 Questions

program will begin on Monday January 4th 2021.


Every Monday you will receive the week's 7 day module in your inbox 


You will also have access to the member area on the website which is full of additional videos and information!


You will also be able to join the Ask 4 Questions Facebook group where I will be  posting updates and information as well as be answering questions on Wednesdays live!!


There will be a schedule to keep you on track, but feel free to work at your own pace... the modules are yours to keep!!



You will love how you feel and how easy it is to let go. all by simply

asking 4 questions.

There is limited capacity in this January program, so sign up now and begin 2021 feeling good! 


I cannot wait to help you let go of the old and bring in the new in 2021!!

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