A chronic condition likely has many underlying causes which means we need to take an individualized approach to target all of the root causes for resolution to occur. Lucie is trained to see what is going on inside and with functional tools she can give you personalized recommendations for health. It is not just about what you eat, but also what thoughts feed your mind and the encouragement of your intuitive nature.  Nutrition and nourishment for the mind, body and spirit.

Why Functional Nutrition & Holistic Nourishment?

Education can mean the end of suffering

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Anxiety has a root cause. 

Functional Nutrition &
Holistic Nourishment For Anxiety 

Lucie can  guide you on not just the how, but the why, in  building back your health.  By restoring proper physiological functioning to your body, you are empowered and understand what is needed for your own unique body & energy system. 

Lucie Dickenson is a symptom investigator. She knows that practicing functionally is a mindset and she is excited to educate clients on how to become their own health detectives. 


Hippocrates said "All disease begins in the gut" . We believe that a healthy digestive system is imperative to a healthy life.

Functional Medicine hinges on gut health and our coaches will work with you to educate you about health and your digestive system. 


Fatigue is a symptom your body sends letting you know that you are not in balance. Every person is unique and there is no one reason for fatigue. Together, with the amazing tools of functional medicine, we are able to uncover reasons for your fatigue and how to create the body systems to accept the nutrition you lovingly feed it.


Detox is a hot topic. Lucie can work with you to understand  how the food we eat and the movement we create naturally flushes toxins from our body. 

Specific Disease & Diagnosis

Lucie doesn't diagnose or treat diseases. She does however, take a holistic, bio-inidvidual approach by asking specific questions and digging deep for root causality. Working side by side with you as a team, together, providing you with the opportunity to reclaim your life. 

Lucie helps with more than just anxiety symptoms and gut health, she understands that  there is an interworking of all systems of the body and mind. The gut is however a cornerstone to health. With a healthy gut, healthy sleep and healthy blood sugar we can go on to address other symptoms that may seem unrelated, but truly are all connected. 


Stress reduction is key to unlocking health. Lucie is trained to not only feed your body, but also your spirit and mind. The functional nutrition matrix will lead you in a direction to find the answers you have been searching for. 


We all know the specific diets that are out there that have excellent results- for some-but why do these diets not work for everyone ? Or only work a short time and then symptoms return? Lucie will teach you how your symptoms are unique to you and not to get caught up in a one size fits all way of life. She helps you to rebuild and restore from the inside out, while empowering yourself to understand not just the how, but the why. 

The Client

Lucie's clients are smart. They know that something is not quite right but are frustrated because what they have tried has not worked. They are highly motivated individuals striving to get well. They know there is no quick fix, because if there was they would have found it by now. Many come to Lucie hoping that their symptoms will subside, but they are also guarded...




Because they have been searching for answers for a long time and they fear this too may not work for them


 Lucie will not pretend to know answers immediately or jump to conclusions. She  will not put you on a one-size fits all protocol either. What she will do is work with you because Lucie knows that everyone is unique (even with similar symptoms) . She knows how to ask the right questions and take the investigative steps to uncover root causes. She will teach you how to be your own detective. You will not only understand the how, but the why. And it is this WHY that puts you back in the drivers seat for your health.






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Functional Nutrition Coaching
And please know this is not just about the possibility of changing what you eat, but also what you feed your soul and what thoughts you feed your mind. It is a holistic, integrative approach because we are whole, connected people.