muscle testing 

Two of the tools that I used to help me not only reduce symptoms of anxiety,

but also to pull out limiting beliefs at the root were Muscle Testing and Tapping.

(Tapping info can be found here)

In time, I evolved my own unique way of encompassing these two forms of energy healing with what my body needed, and I am certain you will find your own way,

but as an introduction here are two videos to help you begin.


Sometimes that is all we need- a starting point. And from there you can go with your

gut instincts and find the exact method that aligns with your energy. 

The first video is a muscle testing video and it is literally just the first step in learning this amazing tool.

It is your introduction to muscle testing. 

This next video is a more advanced muscle testing video and helps you understand how you can pull out those limiting, outdated beliefs and replace them with new fabulous ones. 

If you wish to learn more about this and/or get a more in depth training, you can register for one of the upcoming retreats, where we will dive deep into the details of muscle testing, tapping, other energy healing modalities to help you address anxiety and feel better! 

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To begin muscle testing watch the videos and follow below:


First step is to get your baseline for a YES or NO answer.  This is explained on the video. 


The second step is to ask if you have 100% internal cooperation to test at this time. If yes, move forward with the testing


The third step is to begin asking questions. This is explained in the videos above. You only have to ask to the point to where you have a YES in being able to clear the emotional, physical or spiritual block. 


When you are able to clear the block,  fill the space with a new belief. 


If you are doing deep emotional work, there may be parts of you that need to be brought into the light and "see" that you are not in the past any longer. My advanced muscle testing programs will help you with this step. We also will go into this in great detail at the retreats. 


And no matter what you find and release, this is a reminder to do it all with love and acceptance.