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1Minute Anxiety Tips- Videos

A collection of  one minute videos to reduce anxiety symptoms. Just click on a video below

Tapping (EFT)

Quick Results

Tapping is  an amazing tool that you can learn to do yourself to help with anxiety symptoms

Blogs & Articles  For Symptoms

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Books to Help You

My books are full of  the lessons I learned on how to reduce anxiety.

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One Minute Tips

One minute videos are easy to understand, bite-sized tips to help you get out of panic quickly. My You Tube Channel has many quick videos to help you. Watch them all and see which ones resonate with you and help you quickly go from feeling anxious to feeling fabulous.


Tapping- EFT

Tapping is an amazing anxiety tool that can help you not only reduce symptoms, but get to the root cause of those symptoms.  I am a certified EFT coach and am so honored to share with you the simplicity and strength of this technique. Please click on the video that quickly explains the basics of how to do tapping. There is no wrong way to do it and use your own intuitive abilities for what to say. Click the EFT button to download the direction cards. 



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5 Tips To Reduce

Anxiety Symptoms

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The Gifts Of The Pandemic


Teens & Anxiety Right Now


The Anxious Hippie Books


Lucie's books are full of the lessons, tools and information that helped her go from debilitating anxiety to healthy and symptom free. 

Why would this book be good for you? Because it is a roadmap to help guide you in understanding the anxiety you or a loved one may be experiencing. This book is full of lessons and ideas on how you can help move from anxious to accepting. And acceptance is the secret sauce in healing anxiety. 

You can order the book or the handbook by clicking below