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Anxiety Introduction

To understand and gain knowledge about anxiety is the first step in healing. When you learn that anxiety is a feeling and not something to battle it makes dealing with the symptoms more manageable as you recover. 

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 Anxiety Tips


 Let's face it, these past few months have been stressful and now navigating the openings and school can compound that stress. My Anxiety Tips page helps  when you are in the middle of panic, anxiety or high stress.

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Muscle Testing 

Root Cause Help

When you learn to muscle test, you are able to get "unstuck" from the emotional and physical issues that create symptoms and then address the root cause. Use these methods with the Hippie Books to help you with anxiety once and for all!

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Food &

Chemical Info

If you read my books, you know how much I believe that anxiety can be not only aggravated, by,  but also sometimes caused by the food you eat and the chemicals you use. Check out some ways to track and see if food and chemicals could be part of the anxiety you feel. 

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