The first step is letters. You can begin by setting you intention to heal. However you wish to declare it is the correct way for you. Some examples are:

"I wish to heal this completely and easily"


" This complete healing benefits me and also every place this problem has been held; including my mind, body & soul. Also my family, my ancestors and anywhere in the world that I have placed this problem."


Once you have set your intention, it is now time to write down the problem. Write it out however it flows from your head to your hand. Examples may be: 

"This anxiety that I have been feeling for years"


"This fear of dogs that began when I was a child"

If you wish to write it out in more to detail, do that. Whatever feels right to you. There is no wrong way to complete this step. Follow your heart in what needs to be written




The second step is all about releasing the problem. This is the opportunity to take a look at what you have written, and meditate on the words. When you feel ready,wrap your arms together (like a self-hug) and go though the following statements either in your head or by saying them out loud (whatever is comfortable for you)

"I love myself and accept myself, with or without this problem".

"Thank you for this moment of healing and thank you to God (or source) and to every part of me for letting go" 

"I forgive everyone that may have held a place in this problem "

"I am sorry to anyone I hurt because of this problem"

 Stay with each statement for a minimum of 30 seconds as you hold your arms together in a self-hug, tapping your upper arms with your fingers. However, you can take longer if it feels right. 

When you have completed the above, take a deep breathe in, and then slowly release. As you do,  imagine every part of this problem leaving with your exhale. Now, take what you have written in Step 1 and let it go. Again, this is up to you on how to discard the "problem". You can rip it up, burn it or simply bless it. 


The third and final step is where you get to decide what you wish to put into the spaces where your problem used to reside. 

Tap on the top of your head as you are thinking about what you choose to fill the space. Is it love? Light? Forgiveness?  Health? Whatever it is that you picked to occupy the space, it is time to use all your senses to imagine light filling up within. See, feel, hear, taste and smell what that feels like to you. See health. Feel the calm. Allow love. Keep tapping on the top of your head, then move downwards and begin tapping between your eyes, then under your nose, then your chin and lastly your chest. When you have completed this, give yourself a hug and meditate on this statement: 

"I have transmuted this problem to perfect love and all is now balanced and harmonized. Thank you God.(or Source)"

*of note. there may be many aspects to each issue you are experiencing, so most likely you would need to do these steps more than once. Especially stubborn issues. Remember, it took time to get to where you are, it could take time for the layers to peel back and heal.