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Act As If You Already Can

It was 2004, the first of many times we would go to NYC to see the Radio City Christmas Spectacular. It was an amazing show, and it really got our spirits ready for the coming holiday season.

My daughter, who was almost three at the time, was mesmerized by it all. When we left the venue, she took out the program, opened it up and began staring at the words upon the page. I asked what she was doing, and she confidently told me she was reading. I watched as her eyes followed the words, page after page. She did not speak, but totally engrossed herself in her "reading". At one point I asked her to look up and I took this picture, then she went back to where she left off and continued. I found it adorable and funny, but I dared not laugh, as I knew she believed she was actually reading the words.

The laugh was on me, because she was fully reading within the year. How? Because she believed she could.  That strong foundation of faith carried her to take action. She acted as if she could, so night after night after I read the kids their bedtime story, she would take out a book and "read" it on her own. In time, she began to understand some of the words, and before long she was comprehending sentences. It was incredible to watch it all unfold, as she was the epitome of the saying "fake it 'til you make it"

The story gets even better. Recently, we found out my daughter has a reading disability. She has been reading for 13 years, without a diagnosis. We had no idea, and neither did she. We learned of it during a math class, in which she said the numbers moving were becoming too much to handle. Immediately we had her tested, and obtained a diagnosis.  However, she reads novel after novel, gets good grades, and attends a highly regarded high school. How was she able to do all this alongside her disability?

Belief. Faith. 

The energy you create around belief and faith is your miracle in action. 

Please do not listen to naysayers, and people who pose themselves to know it all. God is working miracles into your life every day. Believing in limits can bind us, miracles will set us free. And it is all up to you from which perspective you wish to see yourself, and the world.

Acting as if you already can, is faith in action.

Believe your way into results. The Universe has given you abilities that many may refuse to tap into because of fear in our own minds.

Let go and let God.

You got this. 

With love, 



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