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Surround Yourself with Those That lift You Up

The year was 2003 and I had three kids under four years old. It was our first vacation with all three kids, and we decided it would be a good idea to drive to North Carolina. This was a long trip down the coast, but remarkably the kids were great in the car. We stopped a few times to stretch our legs, and eat some food, but for the most part it was a straight drive.

When we got to North Carolina, we stopped at a beautiful farm to get some pictures. My two older children were thrilled at the idea of having some space to run, so I snapped some photos while they were enjoying the freedom from the car. However, as I started taking pictures, a fight ensued between them. My son wanted my daughter to stay still and pose for the photos (I think), and she wanted to run around. He literally is trying to lift her up in this photo and bring her next to him for the picture.

Although this is a somewhat off center, yet literal example of people lifting you higher, my kids have each other's backs. They love and support each other every day. Although there may be disagreements along the way, the truth is they want each other to excel in life.

It is so very important that you surround yourself with people that lift you higher. These are the people that see greatness in you, even during those times that you doubt yourself. Let go of those that bring drama and jealousy, as they can dull the shine of your light. We are meant to be surrounded by love and people that nourish our souls. Your journey is not meant to be a lonely one, but one with great company.

And remember, it goes both ways, so lift someone a little higher today, and let them know how great they are... we all can use the reminder.

With Love, 



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