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You Got This

My son was under the weather this week and as a high school student missing school can really put you behind in your studies. While he was out he emailed his teachers and asked for work which he completed timely. However, he struggled a bit with his math, as he missed a chapter test and all the reviews leading up to the test. He studied, and when the morning came for him to go back to school he did not look very confident. He told me there was no way he could get an "A" and the best he could do was possibly a "B". I told him to sit down and I grabbed a pen and asked him to open his hand.

And with that I wrote these words in his palm... 

"You got this"

He looked up at me, defeated, and said he did not think he did. I explained the letter grade does not matter at all, but what does matter is the belief that you possibly could. With that he went off to school, but I left him with the words placed in his hand ,and the belief in his heart that he could. 

I pulled this book, The Little Engine That Could, off the shelf after he left this morning. It was one of his favorites when he was younger. We all benefit from the simple message this book offers.

When things seem to far out of reach, or impossible, remember the Little Engine. You have so much more within you than you know, so please begin to believe in your abilities. You were given greatness, own that, because it is yours to grow.



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