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Peace In Progress
Affirmation cards ✅

Affirmation cards are like word magnets 🧲 🧲

When you are anxious you tend to get lost in the negative thoughts and you tend to focus on those thoughts…  and then you get more of what you focus on…more negative thoughts !!

Yikes 💀

Well the same goes when you read a positive message!! You  focus on the beautiful and fun words… and your vibe aligns with the message and you are a magnet for positivity and light

🌱 Yay- use affirmations to help positive pathways grow!! 

Affirmations worked for me. They were and still are an important tool in my mental health toolbox.

I made these Peace In Progress Affirmation Cards for you !! So you too can see the incredible results of day by day immersion of positivity that can literally change the way you view, interact and attract in this world

🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎 woo hoo!!

There are 30 inspirational cards in this beautiful deck that can really help someone going through anxiety. What a great self love investment - and for such a small financial  investment!!

In fact , get one for yourself and another for a friend, or for a stocking stuffer!! 🤶

And of course there is humor 😂 
Just like the # hashtags in my book, this affirmation deck has some fun #hashtags to make you giggle. 


Thank you for ordering! 

Peace In Progress Affirmation Cards

SKU: 003
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