sensitivities to foods and chemicals

One of the strangest parts of my anxiety journey (and there were some strange ones!) was the sudden onset of sensitivities to chemicals and food. I was diagnoses with MCS or multiple chemical sensitivity.

I was literally housebound because of this and could only eat a handful of foods without a reaction.

There were a couple things going on with me that created a perfect environment for this crisis!

Watch the video below and then read the list that follows. 

This is what helped me and I am passing that on to you!!

Here is a list of what I did to help the sensitivities:


Start by removing toxic items from your home. Like everything. Cleaning supplies, body products, air fresheners, candles with artificial scents, perfumes, etc... The reason you are removing these products is not fear, but you are giving your body the break it needs to repair. 


Next fill your fridge and pantry with good whole foods. That is food that does not need an ingredient list! And if it does need ingredients, know those that are listed. Stay away from foods that are processed and /or has additives. The reason for this is to literally fill yourself with life and health. As you do your body heals. 


Drink water with lemon. This simple act of cleansing helps to detox your liver. Your liver has been in overdrive with all the toxins around you. Now that you have removed the toxic food and chemicals from your home, the liver is repairing and opening back up detox pathways to proper working order. 


Belief work. I had to kick out the belief that the world was not safe. Everything in my life; including my food and environment, became unsafe, because what I believed, I received. To do belief work, check out this link here: belief work.


Get tested or use a food journal to uncover problem foods that can be a catalyst for creating havoc in your gut , creating inflammation and anxiety symptoms. Click here to download an easy to follow food journal here: food journal


Love everything. That is right. Love really is the answer. What this meant for me is when I was full of fear, I would have reactions, but when I was in the same exact situation and instead felt love, there were zero reactions.  Hence, the reminder and the name of my business, Love Always Lucie. It is a reminder to be in a state of love no matter what!