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 how do I know if this healing program can help me???


My Symptoms are on fire

Happy Camper is for you if you are dealing with anxiety symptoms, gut issues or chemical sensitivities that seem to be taking over your life and creating fear day and night. You will learn how to calm the symptoms and let go of fear.

I feel like my light is dim

Happy Camper is for you if you feel like to are not good enough to overcome the anxiety hurdle. You feel like you have tried everything and nothing seems to work. Anxiety lies; you can leave anxiety in the dark and turn on your light.

You are made to shine!

I have so much to unpack

Happy Camper is  for you if you have so many things that cause anxiety but you don't even know where to begin You are suffering in silence and no one seems to understand. You will learn how to unpack those fears,  get to the root and pull it out for good. 

my past follows me

Happy Camper is for you if you quietly have just been carrying it all with you and you realize you want to let go of the load! You may be functioning  okay but you know something is loading you down. Anxiety is sneaky and likes to hitch a ride. Let;s get you ready to roll, lighter! 


How Can Lucie Help? 


My business is unique in that I am “on call” during my business hours. That means the world to someone dealing with anxiety. So, if you are having a tough day with symptoms, having a panic attack, strange symptoms, a rough night of scary thoughts, or have just had enough and want help NOW, you can text me and you are put in the queue for a return call. 


When I return your call, I immediately begin using muscle testing along with EFT,, to get to the core of your issue. 


How does it work?


Because there are so many reasons for why you can be dealing with anxiety, I can help pinpoint the origin of your specific issue. The process works with the belief that there is a “toxin” in your energy field that is disrupting the natural flow of health. When the “toxin” is found and removed, your body then is able to uses it innate abilities to heal and you feel better! 


These toxins can be physical or non-physical. Examples of a physical toxin can be something you are eating or something in your home. Examples of a non-physical toxin can be a belief or negative thoughts. These are just a few examples there are many ways your energy field can be clogged up. 


When the “toxin” is found through muscle testing, it is brought to the light and released. I am able to help you release it and then give you “homework” be it tapping or healing keys to use for the next 24 hours. It is through this process that your body lets go of the “clog” in the system. Then the body does what it was always meant; to be in health. 


How much does this cost? 


The cost is $6/per minute. An example of a call could be 10-12 minutes in entirety.

For more complex issues, the call could be longer or need more than one call. 

 Again, we are all unique and it is all about finding the unique key that opens our bodies to heal. 


What is fantastic about this type of healing is YOU are in charge when YOU want to call and when YOU feel it is necessary. There are no appointments. It is all entirely up to you! It is empowering and there for you when you need it most. 

How do I begin? 

Set up a FREE 15 minute session and if we mutually feel this healing is a good fit for you, we will get you set up and ready, so that when you want to make a call to me, you understand and are clear about the process...AND ready to feel well! 







I help clear energy disruptions; not diseases. I am not a doctor and no one is advised to avoid medical or psychological consultations or medical advice or stop any medication.