Step One

Symptom Reduction

Step 1 - Symptom Reduction. 
This is the part everyone gets really excited about, and rightfully so. The fear, the exhaustion and the dislike for all that is happening is a heart-wrechning experience. Not only to be dealing with yourself, but also for loved ones to witness. 
Symptom Reduction will have multiple sections that will be covered. ​
  • The Anxiety Trick 
  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • How to begin to understand symptoms and how not to "take the bait" 
  • Its just a thought/Just a feeling exercise
  • Get up, Get Dressed and Do The Day
  • A few Stories to Help ( get on the bus, recorder, other blogs? etc) 
  • How to Deal with Being so Tired
  • Scary Thoughts 
  • Panic Attacks
  • Obsessive thoughts/Racing Mind/Worry Loop
  • Drinking/Self-Medicating and Anxiety
  • The Importance of Connection
  • The Miracle of Water
  • What if Thoughts
  • Your mind will revert to what it knows. Do something new
  • Being a pleaser/A helper/ A holder (not eveyone is going to like you)