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Meet Lucie

Lucie went from fear to fun!

Lucie Dickenson loves writing, speaking and having fun! She is incredibly grateful that her books, talks, events and products help adults and children navigate away from fear. Because she has been there, her insight and experience shed light on just how debilitating anxiety can be, but also how anxiety can be overcome. No matter how stuck you feel in stress and the symptoms of anxiety, Lucie gives you hope, help, and humor to find your way back to peace. Yes, life is meant to be celebrated and be fun!

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A Must Read!

"Lucie manages to capture every thought and inner struggle those of us who suffer from anxiety think and feel. Her story and experiences are told in an honest and humorous voice that erases the stigma of being a person who has an anxiety disorder"

The Perfect Book!

Lucie Dickenson and her daughter, Colleen, wrote Worry Free ABC because they knew that other families could benefit from giving their kids the tools to overcome anxiety, by empowering them with easy activities that shift their focus from fear to fun. These ABC activities are the same ones Colleen and her siblings used to help them when feeling anxious. Lucie gave her children these tips when they were little, so they could feel powerful, and have a toolbox at their disposal whenever they were feeling stressed.

As Featured In:

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