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Meet Lucie

"I believe that we are all here to help one another be the best we can be, and enjoy this ride we call life.​"

Lucie truly believes anxiety is a blessing.

It took time for Lucie to see the goodness in anxiety, but she really believes anxiety can be viewed as something sent to help us. 

Lucie Dickenson is a seeker of knowledge, that holds smiles and laughter up as true medicine. After years of crippling anxiety, OCD, allergies, psoriasis, chemical sensitivities and postpartum issues, she found that her mindset was at the core of all her issues. To truly heal and set herself free she needed an entirely new perspective on life. Once Lucie was able to look at life with a positive outlook, and a little humor, she was able to call on her inner strength, kick some ass and get better.​​​​​

Lucie went from fear to fun!

Lucie is the founder of StarLight Books Publishing, we all have a story to tell, let her help you publish it! 


From someone who felt she had to stay safe and small, giving in to her fear, Lucie now lives life fully! And if fear happens to show up in moments of her life, she allows it to tag along and enjoy the ride.

Lucie loves experiencing all life has to offer, and does so with a smile and a snort!! (honestly, have you heard her laugh?) She loves to travel, and has the ability to find the unique and breathtaking to experience and has fun with it all!

Lucie Dickenson is a publisher, author, blogger, and speaker.  She has written three bestselling books; The Anxious Hippie and the companion book titled The Anxious Hippie Handbook. and her third children's book, she wrote with her daughter, Worry Free ABC.

She also is the founder of StarLIght Books Publishing 


Through her programs workshops, speaking engagements, podcasts and her writing, her focus is clear and her heart is full with the message no one needs to live with anxiety forever. She is proof that you can move on from anxiety and do what you love! 


Lucie lives in a small beach town with her husband and three children. And her car named Doug Henning. Lucie holds coaching certifications from the Functional Nutrition Lab and for EFT, as well as a certification in mental health first aid. She loves writing and helping others write their stories. 

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