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Why am I dealing with anxiety?  

Why me? 

Why me? This was my battle cry for years. And then it got old. And then no one wanted to hear it anymore. And then I realized it was what it was, and I could complain about it for the rest of my days or do something about it. While I know these words can be received at harsh, they are necessary. If you have been dealing with anxiety for just a few months or for many years, it is too long. And being in a mode where you ask "why me?" does nothing but keep you stuck. If you want out, start a new mantra of "why not me?" because I am telling you the lessons you learn as you recover will make you stronger, wiser and able to help others. So let the victim cry go, and move into a new space of healing. 
However, I will tell you there is not one specific answer as to why you. There are theories that it could be genetics,, blood sugar, personality, life events, diet, lack of exercise, allergies. Every one of these or a combination of these could be the reason you were susceptible to anxiety. We are all unique in our reasons, but I can tell you that anxiety is a learned response to whatever was your springboard. And that is your ticket out of anxiety, understanding the habits you have created.  To examine your responses and change them. It is how we think and how we react to our thoughts that create the increased anxiety attacks and other symptoms that cause us pain, sadness and fear. 

You may want to get a medical exam to rule out any medical conditions that mimic anxiety. If your doctor says it is anxiety, then you know for sure and that in and of itself should put your brain more at ease in knowing the symptoms are not serious and just stress response issues.

You are amazing and can do this. There is a way out. Be your best supporter and follow through for yourself with these resources and see how it can make a difference in your life. I suggest starting a journal today so you have a benchmark of where you started and how far you have come. Write down how you feel, what your symptoms are and anything else that you experience with anxiety. It is such a good feeling to look back and see progress. It is also invaluable when you have a setback because you will have proof there were good days and that the setback is only temporary. 
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