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Pizza, Beer & WTF?

Can I share a quick story??? It is 2008. Yep. That long ago. I mean doesn't the beginning of the pandemic seem years ago? Can I even think back to 2008? Going to try: "You are freaking amazing!!" He smiled as he shouted this to me. I was eating pizza and washing it down with a beer. (Yes gluten.) "You did it Lucie! You beat this anxiety monster!" I smiled at him. Mouth full. But I already knew. Tears were welling up. I dare not let them spill. Disbelief. Heartache. Broken. What was wrong with me?????? I SHOULD be present and happy in this moment. But all my thoughts were focused on a feeling that something was off. Not right. Healing means everything is better. Healing means I have zero panic The tears began to fall simultaneously with my shoulders sinking.

Then the tears stopped. And a new emotion took over. I was pissed. Angry. I began to shake. I felt panic coming on. The very thing that I was healed from. Coming back. How dare it??? He grabbed me and held me close. I pulled away. Embarrassed. I did the deep work. I spent all the money. I went to the top doctors. I freaking pulled out the roots to my limiting beliefs and replaced them with shiny new ones. But here I am. In a small pizza place. That I love. Feeling like a failure. I am not good enough. Kept replaying over and over. In my brain. "It just is not going to work for you." Healing. My brain said again and again. We came home. I could not lift my head. I felt defeated. What the heck is this? Sucks. That night. Panic attack after panic attack. Washed over my body and brain. One after another I fell asleep from exhaustion, only to be awakened suddenly with more panic. I noticed the morning light peeking through my window.

The sun was rising. I watched as the sky became lighter. Brighter. And somehow, so too did I. I saw the beautiful morning. And I thought There is nothing that can block this beauty, But me. I can choose to see the day as I wished. As a new start. Or a continued problem from yesterday. I laughed. This was the day I learned about setbacks. They happen. ESPECIALLY when we are doing so well. They hit us. BAM!!!! It feels like square one. And we get upset because we think we are not good enough to heal. To get better. But that is a lie. a setback is part of the anxiety dance. (or whatever you are dealing with) And there is a way to deal with them. So that you can get back on track with your life. Sometimes there is a message in them, and a change is needed. Other times it is just part of your personal healing timeline.

Both were true for me in this story. And I figured out how to know when changes were needed in my life and when it was just a setback as "part of healing." ________ I talk about this in more detail and how to get out of a setback in my books, but here in the blog, just know setbacks are part of the healing dance- the hip-hop of getting better. ________

Once I learned how to deal with setbacks, I actually welcomed them, because I knew what they meant! It means I had made progress and I was dancing; two steps forward, one step back.... It was such a beautiful part of healing from anxiety. ________ If you feel like you are on a merry-go-round and keep going around and around again with anxiety. I get it. But you do not need to stay stuck!

The Hippie Handbook is a roadmap that puts YOU in the driver's seat of your healing. Teaching you how to drive towards peace and away from anxiety. And of course it’s full of fun, laughter, profanity (because who doesn’t swear a little when driving) and love. Over 20 lessons will give you the keys to overcoming anxiety. Chock full of journal discoveries, brain training activities, mantras, games and freaking amazing "aha-moment" inspirational epiphanies! This handbook shows you how to get anxiety to piss-off in your life, and instead, let in the peace that was always meant for YOU!!!! Healing need not be serious! Who says you can’t crank up the tunes and just keep truckin’ on while driving towards the peace that was ALWAYS meant for YOU?? Love Always, Lucie


Hello! My name is Lucie Dickenson. I am an ink slinging Jersey shore writer, with a flair for fashion, and a heart full of peace. I love to travel and everywhere happens to be on my list of places to go.

As a former full time worrier, writing became my outlet for healing. With a BA in English,15 years as a contributor and blogger, a couple of functional nutrition certificates, my writing helped me overcome debilitating anxiety and catapulted me into the world of helping others.

Bestselling author of The Anxious Hippie, The Anxious Hippie Handbook and the new Worry Free ABC book for children. (and adults!), I know writing can be healing for the writer AND the reader.

I would love to guide you to become your best self through words- writing them, wearing them, reading them & living them. Going from fear to fun!!!!


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