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Remember the Game Telephone??

Remember the game of telephone? Yes that game! The fun one you played when you were little. Can you see it in your memory? Everyone sitting in a circle, and the first person thinking for a few seconds about what to say and then suddenly they began whispering into their friend's ear. She would giggle, and then pass the message on to the friend next to her. Everyone patiently waiting for their turn to receive the message.

Sometimes, the anticipation was too much and giggles were unleashed. As the message went from mouth to ear, we knew almost definitely the content was going to get distorted, garbled and transformed. That was the fun. To hear in the end, how the original message became an entirely new message . Most of the time this grand unveiling was met with lots of laughter, because it was always so far off from the original phrase and many times, made no sense.

And we enjoyed the game. We played it over and over. What we may not have understood at the time, is that we were teaching our young selves very important lessons. Lessons that may have been beyond our years and grasp at the time. Things like: what we hear may not be what is being said. And what we receive could be the result of many layers of people's interpretation. And lastly, how our own life perspective plays a role in how we receive and store messages.

But of course the biggest lesson we learned, is that going from person to person, the integrity of the message gets lost, so we learn to go to the source for the correct message. The original content. The truth.

Today, we still play telephone. How?

By listening to others instead of going to our source for truth.


We are all on a journey to rise above our outdated beliefs, our trauma, and our baggage, hoping to instead move into a state of freedom and joy. And we can do this by remembering who we truly are.

But instead of going to the source, (the OG messenger), we look to others to help us remember our truth. And this may help us for a time, but just like in the game of telephone, the message has been distorted and transformed, because it has been filled with perspective and layers of beliefs, by the people that have helped them. And so on and so on.

Help is beautiful. Connection is necessary. We thrive when we work together and help one another rise. It is exactly why we are here together. But it is also important to note that no one person holds any secret message. It is all a game of telephone. The only way to get the real message is to go to the source. Go within and listen. It is there you will hear the truth. It is where you will remember that you are a child of the Universe, and an integral piece of the whole that is everything.

As a child of the Universe, you are made from the same substance as the moon and stars. You are incredible, powerful, perfect and unlimited. God. Love. The Universe. Whatever name you give to that stillness and love- that is the source to listen to. To hear. To trust.

It is when you truly trust that voice within, that you no longer get swayed by the telephone game. You no longer feel pulled to the social media posts and videos telling you they have the answers, because you will know they may have an answer, and so do you. We all have it. Within. You can stand strong knowing you have gone to the source; the initiator of the message.

Knowing we all have a direct line to God, to our source, the anxiety and stress of trying to find the answers stops, and you fall into a life of trust, peace and joy.

The games are fun. The truth is freedom.

Love Always,



Hello! My name is Lucie Dickenson. I am an ink slinging Jersey shore writer, with a flair for fashion, and a heart full of peace. I love to travel and everywhere happens to be on my list of places to go.

As a former full time worrier, writing became my outlet for healing. With a BA in English, 15 years as a contributor and blogger, and a couple of functional nutrition certificates, my writing has helped me overcome debilitating anxiety and catapulted me into the world of helping others.

Bestselling author of books; The Anxious Hippie, The Anxious Hippie Handbook and Worry Free ABC for children, I know writing can be healing for the writer AND the reader. Read on!


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