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A Straight Line or No?

I was in Florida this past week with my family, and while there, we visited the Loxahatchee Wildlife Reserve. To be honest, it was not my choice to visit, as I wanted to go to Miami. However, my kids really wanted to see this reserve, so I reluctantly agreed. My energy most likely emanated a bit of disappointment on the drive to Loxahatchee, as I did not think that this was the place we should have gone, with only one day left on our vacation.  However, once there, I understood why this was the best place for us at that particular moment. The kids needed to run around for a few moments, and we all needed to connect to nature on our own terms. 

We all have a plan on how we think our life should unfold. And that is good, because it is important to have a clear understanding about where we want to go in life.

However, sometimes you are put in a particular place, because it was meant for your highest and best good. It may have not been what you have planned, but it is exactly where you are supposed to be. Be open to it all. Know that life is not a straight line. When you are faced with a detour, embrace it with confidence, knowing that you are being given the very things you need in your life. These detours will fill you with knowledge and the strength to move forward in the direction of your dreams. 

Like this picture, the straight path is there for you to begin your journey, but it is when you stumble off your path that the true lessons are revealed. 



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