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A Touchy Subject.

I was not feeling great mentally part of last week. To be honest I was a bit off. The weather was rainy and I was like a lump on the couch, only rising to do needed tasks. I had two days without clients and meetings, but I knew I had plans for the weekend, so I had to drag myself up out of the slump I was in and get myself ready for the upcoming events. It was a bit of a pity party for the pain I was experiencing in my shoulder.

The first thing I did was get a manicure. It was here I realized I started to feel better. How odd that surrounding myself in chemicals made me feel better? I zoned in on why or what it was that raised my vibration and it was at the exact moment she began to massage my hands that I realized it was touch. I was craving one of the most basic human needs. Since my shoulder has been frozen I have been standoffish with any kind of touch, obviously because it causes extreme pain if I am moved or jarred in a certain direction. Hugging my kids is difficult, Sleeping and cuddling is tough. Even a bend in for a kiss to my husband has become very rigid for fear of pain.

But, here in the nail salon I basked in the touch of her fingers touching my hands. Holding them and moving them and working out the knots that have built up during this experience was a luxury that I did not realize was so badly needed. I temporarily forgot one of the most important facts about anxiety.

It thought back to days of anxiety and I ALWAYS felt better when there was someone there to comfort me. Not in a "I need attention" sort of way, but more so in a "that hug felt good and reminds me I am connected to something much bigger" kind of way. Back when I was going through anxiety, I did not understand the power of touch and why it was so needed to heal.

Anxiety thrives on isolating you. It makes you live within your head, instead of being present in the now. By living in your head, you repetitively go over everything that emotionally hurts. These hurts not only are mental anguish, but also turn into physical trapped emotions if not released.

The anxiety is actually your message that you have some things that are bothering you and need to be addressed. If you do not listen, your amazing body will then store those emotions and physical symptoms become prominent. This is to get your attention, but many times we take something to make the pain go away. When really it is a shout out from your body to address some hurts, some grief, some anger....

We need a loving touch to send light to those areas of our body and release the trapped emotions. That is why you may tear up when getting a massage, or crave the woman washing your hair to go on for one more minute touching your scalp at the salon. We are connectors to the light, to the truth. And by lovingly holding, massaging, cuddling one another we can be conduits to releasing not just physical, but emotional pain.

That is why EFT or tapping is so successful, because you are simply tapping different acupressure points on the body while verbally addressing specific issues. Miraculously, those issues begin to dissolve. Tapping and muscle testing were a large part of my recovery from anxiety. It allowed me to pinpoint certain unresolved emotional issues, bring them to the light and release them.

Why did I not try this with my frozen shoulder??? I mean really, I utilize EFT with clients every day, but I could not see in the mirror it was now time for me to use a little tapping. No wonder I had two days off with clients, it was actually a space held for me !! I got too caught up in the drama of me and what the doctor said. I bought into his answers of there is nothing I can do to resolve it. I mentally broke the agreement with the doctor that there was nothing I can do, and replaced it with I have everything I need to heal within and the answers will come forward.

Well, my first round of tapping went like this:

"Even though I have this frozen shoulder and I was told there is nothing I can do about it, I completely love and accept myself:" and I went on with tapping the different points of my body. Through just one round, I found that I had recent issues of trying to shoulder everything and hold hurts that were not mine. I worked a few more rounds of tapping into my morning and you know what???? I released a shitload of emotions that were trapped in my shoulder. Bonus, I now have a much better range of motion! YAY! I listened to the message my body was sending. and I am thankful for the connection.

If you wish to learn more about muscle testing and tapping, I have a self-directed anxiety program launching in January that will teach you this process step by step, along with videos to guide you. I will also be taking clients again in late January if you prefer one on one coaching.

However you choose to help yourself, remember the physical pain is your emotional wake-up call. Are you willing to answer that call?

Connection and love. That is everything. Touchy subject.

Love Always,



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