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Acceptance is Powerful

I love sitting at the beach watching the waves. This is one of my favorite spots at the Jersey shore. Imagine yourself sitting on this bench. What do you see? Clear skies? Calm water?


What if you could do that in your mind? You can... the power to create such a balance, is in taking responsibility for your life, and accepting where you are today.


I was always blaming others, and basically the whole world, for what was happening to me. I allowed them to be the stars in my life story. And because I gave them the power in my life, I was not able to make changes.

We have all had less than fortunate experiences in our lives. Some things go all the way back to childhood, or just as recent as yesterday. And some of these struggles were traumatic, but unfortunately, we cannot turn back the clock. We have zero control over others, and what happened, but we do have control of how we react, and how we wish it to shape us going forward. 

The moment you accept everything the way it is right now, is the moment you can change and grow. You are empowered when YOU take life by the reigns, and choose consciously which direction you wish to go. 

Let go of blaming anyone or anything for your situation. The past is gone, let it go. To keep yourself locked in the past, does nothing to anyone, but yourself. Taking responsibility and acceptance for your life, puts the power back where it belongs, with you. This new-found freedom allows you to create your beautiful life going forward. 

The clear skies and calm waters are there, waiting for you. Let go of anything that says otherwise. And if in your journey, you hit patches of rough water, know it is you that has the control to transition back to the stillness.  It is then you will understand how powerful you truly are. 



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