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Anxiety A Blessing? What?

Okay. This may be my new fancy, flashy tagline. 

"Anxiety can be your greatest blessing." And this picture is eluding to that statement, but I am not just saying this because it sounds good.

Or because I have forgotten what it was like to be caught up in panic day after day. I am saying it because I truly believe anxiety taught me more about myself, the world and others than anything else in my life. I could have had that as my tagline, but it really sounded clunky and not as slick. LOL. 

There was so much to learn from anxiety. And when I took the position of student learning rather than a a passive passenger fearful of symptoms -my life changed. Don't get me wrong, I struggled. I was fearful. For years I thought I could take on this monster and fight it until I won. But that was not what happened. Instead my fighting caused more fear, more discord, more symptoms and more limits. I finally put down my sword, which included looking for the answers outside of myself. No vitamin, food or exercise routine was going to help me until I got straight with me.

I went within. This is where the hot stuff happened. The secret sauce was exposed. The things I learned about who we are and what we are were mind blowing... honestly. You are so very powerful and amazing. You are made from the same substance than the moon and stars. Think about that. Your power and connection is brilliant and is beyond what we were ever taught.

Believe in you. Believe in the world. In goodness. In love. In connection. Anxiety just may leave when it is no longer needed.... when you are ready to see just what a beautiful creature you are and how you are made in the likeness of love.... what a blessing!  

Love Always Lucie


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