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Autumn Is Time For Letting Go

I took this picture in Central Park while eating lunch with my famiy a few years ago.  It was a beautiful crisp day, and I remember being very excited to spend time on the water. However, I was suddenly filled with anxious thoughts about the first time I had visited this restaurant.

Many years earlier, in 2003, while at this restaurant, I had experienced debilitating panic attacks. Although no one may have noticed (since I was a master at disguise) I was a wreck, and felt like I could hardly function. I remember thinking I may die, or go crazy at any moment. I wanted so badly to enjoy a nice meal, but I could not get out of my own head. The thought loop of perceived danger and physical symptoms proved too much, and my afternoon was stolen by anxiety.  

Fast forward to years later, when I took the above picture. I was recovered from anxiety, but that does not mean that anxious thoughts never enter my mind. Recovery means that I did not allow the thoughts to take hold. Instead of entertaining the thoughts and dancing with anxiety, I simply accepted them, and let them go. 

Reliving the same thing over and over keeps you stuck.

Letting go makes room for the new, the amazing, the miracles

 to enter your life.I knew it was up to me to let go. It is up to you to let go. 

What experiences, thoughts, relationships, beliefs and habits are holding you back? Where do you need to let go?

This season reminds us how beautiful it is to let go. 

Give yourself the gift 

Let go of what was.

Accept what is.

Have faith in what will be.

With love, 



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