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Avoidance ?

Dear Beautiful You,

I used to spend so much time reading. Obviously there is nothing wrong with reading, it is good for the soul. I must have read every self-help, motivational and biography book about overcoming obstacles and making it happen. I also read volumes about the brain/body connection and incessantly researched questions I had. I thought I was really smart to invest countless hours filling my brain with such amazing, positive words and incredible scientific information. I could rattle off memorized content in conversations and felt empowered to know all this "stuff". I thought reading all of these books was because I valued knowledge and that it was a help to me and others. And that was true, up to a point. But the truth was, it was an excuse. An excuse to keep putting off what needed to be done, which was to actually go out  do it, instead of reading about others that did. 

When I see people obsessively doing something, I understand now in many cases, they are really practicing avoidance; consciously or subconsciously. Sometimes it is something simple, but most of the time it is the big decisions, such as a change in relationships or careers. Or it could be the need for self-care. Other times it can be something that needs to be done, but you are scared because you think you will fail. This was my issue and once I saw the light,I realized I needed to get my nose out of the books and into the world. I needed to practice what I was rehearsing in my head.  I didn't need another book, I needed to do great things in small ways. 

Now when I have conversations with people I don't talk about what I know. I instead listen. Sometimes it is hard, because when others are rattling off their knowledge, I have impulse to jump in and explain "I know that as well," but then I remember it is just my ego wanting to play. I don't want to avoid any longer, I want to do what I was put here to do and that is to help. By listening, I am able to hone in on the hurts, the fears and the needs and reflect back to others their opportunities and truth. It is my gift. 

Avoidance creates stagnant energy. You know deep down where the revisions in your life are needed. Move away from anything that is keeping you stuck. Let your energy flow the way it was meant and address the changes and decisions that need to be made. It is then that the light will shine brighter than you have ever known, as you will be living in your truth. Your gift is waiting. You know what it is.

Let go of fear and begin. 

With love, Lucie


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