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Be Grateful Every Day

When I was anxious, I did not realize at the time, that I also was not grateful.

Of course I loved my family and was happy to have friends, but I did not truly understand gratitude. You see, I believed the world owed me something, and because of that, I was angry.  I carried all my hurts  around with me where ever I went, and could not understand why I could not get well. It was when I stopped seeing the world through the lens of my beliefs, and started looking at all that was good. 

 I now understand the power of gratitude, and know it was instrumental in my healing. 

This is a message that is so imperative, especially in the climate of the world today. To find something to be truly and deeply grateful for can instantly transform your life. 

When you are in a state of gratitude, your vibration is one of harmony and acceptance. At this vibration of harmony, your energy will begin to search for a vibrational match. As it does, you begin to see and experience events and circumstances that align with harmony. 

A great exercise is every morning, and every night, before you go to bed, think of (or write down) ten things you are truly grateful for. Even if you think it is the worst day, you can always find many things to be grateful for, such as breathing, being able to read, the sun coming up etc....

As you do this exercise every day, you will begin to attract more of the same into your life, because you are literally creating your future experience. As your vibration raises to meet your thoughts, your lens of the world begins to change. 

And remember, be thankful for yourself, as you are amazing, no matter what.  You will bloom as you continuously find gratitude in life. 



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