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Be Still

It was early morning, on Vieques Island, when I took this picture. The quiet was a welcome intrusion to the hustle and bustle of the night before. It seemed no one else was awake, and I had the beach to myself. It was quite intimidating, because standing there alone, before this beautiful vision, I felt the need to just observe. I felt at peace. 

I wasn't sure what to do, feeling a bit overwhelmed, so I sat down and became still. I did not think I could receive anything more, than what I already had, but it was then that I heard the truth. I felt the certainty of our connection to everything. It was a beautiful moment. A truthful moment. 

As we go about our days; living in the world we do today, we feel stress, often. Working, parenting, demands, deadlines. It all adds up. We get caught up in our own world, which creates dis-harmony and dis-connection. In addition, there is perceived need to be better than, and to one-up each other. In this state, we create a separateness, which only holds us further from the truth. It is in this space that we begin to see symptoms of stress, anxiety and dis-ease. 

But it is not the truth. You are not separate. You are part of everything. Everyone. 

When you are still, and listen, you can hear this. Your intuition innately knows this. 

The life you are so vehemently searching for is there. It always has been. You are perfect and whole. The rest is just the deceit. Under all the lies you have been telling yourself for years, is a peace that cannot waver. It cannot, because it is part of a bigger force that is love. Divine love. We are all a piece of this force, and as such, need not be worried in any way. Love always pulls whatever it touches, to it's highest potential. And our potential, in love, is endless. 

Try to be still and listen, at least for a few moments every day. Let the truth shower over you, so you can remember throughout your day, your connection to everything. Be love in action; to yourself and others. 

That is our higher purpose. Always. 



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