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Be The Author Of Your Life

Yes, this is my dog. Typing. 

 I know, I know, why do I have a typewriter you may ask? It is because I have always loved the sounds associated with inserting the paper, turning the dial to the correct placement, and pressing the keys, one by one, to create words.  These words become sentences, and as you continue, the sentences transform into stories. It is a magical feeling to know you can create a masterpiece merely by taking thoughts from your brain and putting them down on paper. 

The parallel to life is obvious, but worth stating, because sometimes we forget we can consciously create. We were lovingly made, and God has graciously given us all the gifts necessary to write our beautiful life story. We actually have the power to give direction to our life; by setting goals, having faith, and taking action. You get to "write", every day, what you wish to be part of your story. 

The tragedy comes when you forget to write (think/act/do) for yourself. When you choose this, you give your power away, and someone else takes your spot at the typewriter. Unfortunately, they are busy writing their story, and you are merely a character in their novel. 

Take back your power and create. Stop hiding in someone else's publication, let go of the fear, and be the star of your life. Create the life you wish. You are amazing and your life story is needed. It is part of the whole of this universe.

It is a magical feeling to know you can create. 

And my dog, Buddy, is happy to take a seat so you can begin to write. 

With love, 



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