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Be The Light

My daughter is turning sixteen soon, and I took this photo at the venue where she will be holding her party next month.  I was so very intrigued at how the candles were glowing, brightly, while inside the lantern. It was a beautiful sight, and even after I took this photo, I found myself coming back, time and time again, to watch the flames iluminating the room. To me, there is so much meaning to this picture, for not only are the candles burning brightly inside the lantern, they were also side by side, both radiant in their own brilliance.

You too are radiant in your own brilliance. You do not need to dim the candle next to you to make yours brighter, nor do you have to look outside your lantern for anything to make you perfect. You already have everything you need, as the light you are seeking has always been within. Of course we are meant to connect with others, but know that it is so we can share our light, all else is an illusion. 



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