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As we grow older sometimes we tend to hide parts of ourselves that we believe others may not find acceptable. So we shrink, we hide, we change and in this process we lose our authentic self.

This is my daughter when she was in all her authentic glory- lol. 

Unfortunately, we do this for so long- we hide those parts- we forget who we really are.

Go back, to when you were a child and bring out all that you loved and what brought you joy. Bring out the little boy or girl that had dreams filled with silliness and laughter. Stop taking it all so very seriously, as none of us are getting out of here alive. Be who you are and have no worries about others.

As you begin to show your true colors, the right people will find you- and these people are your tribe- the people that will cheer you on and celebrate you.

All of you!

Love Always, 



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