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But I Can't See It

Updated: Sep 26, 2018

I took this photo this past weekend, while at a sports tournament in Florida with my family. In this particular photo, it was 7am, and the sun was rising above the trees, as all the colors of morning and dawn seemed to blend. It was a beautiful sight to see, but there was so much more to this picture than initially meets the eye.

It is not just a magnificent sunrise, but is a picture of my daughter with her team, getting ready to play field hockey. Look closely, and you can see the outlines of the girls, but even then, because of the light, I cannot see my daughter at all. However, at the time, I knew that behind all the beautiful light and landscape, was a girl who was ready to play. I had faith that all was going to happen as I believed, and that once the sun rose even further, that I would be able to focus my eyes upon my daughter just as I had imagined in my mind's eye. And of course, that is what happened. 

This is a very small example of faith. Sometimes, our faith in what we cannot see needs to be much stronger. Faith goes beyond belief, in that it is an absolute knowing and trust. If your first step is to believe, faith is the energy that takes you from belief to fruition.

Often, the road to your destination is not smooth. You may encounter obstacles which can test your faith, such as setbacks, sickness and isolation. Keeping the faith in times like this are key in your development, as these setbacks are preparing you for your destination. Have faith, and continue to walk towards your goals, in the solid understanding that you were meant to reach your greatness. If you can keep faith, your reward will be seeing all that you believed in your heart, right before your eyes.

This week, keep the faith, no matter what it is that you are seeing before you right now. Know that sometimes, we are not ready to focus on that which is truly there. Just like this picture, once it is the right time, you will be able to see all the beauty and gifts that are meant for you.  



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