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Choose Love

Dear Beautiful You,

Back when my children were young, I was living a life that really was not easy. When I look back to that time I see a very scared mom that was diagnosed with severe anxiety, multiple chemical sensitivity, borderline diabetes, hormone issues and adrenal fatigue. At times I was so far gone, I truly thought I was going to need to be hospitalized for the breakdowns I would experience yearly. I had no idea what it all meant and I placed all my trust in those that diagnosed me. I was taking medicine and was constantly being tested to find the reasons for what was happening to me.

You see I bought into the fact that I was wrong.

That I was broken.

That I needed to be fixed. 

I identified myself as my diagnoses. I lived day to day in that existence. And nothing got better. Of course now I understand by holding space for the labels, I was asking the universe for more of what I already had. 

It took time for me to get to where I am today, but one of the most important lessons for me was that my current health was not who I was, but instead was an indicator that it was time for change. 

Change in my beliefs. 

Change in my self-care.

Change in my perceptions. 

Once I saw myself as lovingly perfectly imperfect, I understood that I was more powerful than I ever knew. I had the ability to change what I could, accept what I could not change, and love myself no matter what. 

As my perceptions changed, the right people and circumstances appeared that helped me grow and heal in ways I never thought possible. 

Of course I am not perfect. I don't float around my house in balance every day. I am human, and deal with issues just as we all do. I just have made the conscious choice to know that I am love and perfection in action.  

Your thoughts and beliefs create your reality. 

Choose carefully. 

Love Always, 



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