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I love this picture and message!

On a personal note, this is the picture I used for one of my very first blog posts.

Although I am not sure I could even have called it a blog back then, because I didn't post it anywhere. I just sent these messages to an email list that was full of family, friends and people who happened to find me and asked to be added to my list. The reason I am sending this one today is because it is great to look back at how far you have come. Especially if you feel that you are not making any headway in your goals and dreams. 

Here is the email I sent many years ago:

"Sometimes life can seem boring and grey... your routine can make you feel like you are stuck in a rut. Day in and day out doing the same thing over and over again. You have this beautiful life that you were given and you are in charge of giving it color.  Do just that... try not to settle for the ordinary, but give yourself permission to color inside and outside the lines in bold, beautiful hues!!! As the artist of your life, remember it is not just what you do that adds color, but your attitude as well. A great attitude will carry you in your best days and also when your circumstances are not favorable.  

You are amazing, let the canvas of life reflect that ... always!"

Looking back I can see the color I added and continue to add to my life.

I took chances both professionally and personally. I went outside my comfort zone and became vulnerable for all to see my life painting and boy does it feel good!

Where are you adding color to your life? 

Love Always, Lucie


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