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Declare Your Independence

This weekend we celebrate the beginnings of our independence, the founding of a nation, on the principle of human freedom. We are blessed to have these freedoms, and the gratitude and thanks run deep. 

As you celebrate this weekend, remember also to free your heart from hatred, and to also free your mind from worries. For when your heart is happy, your mind is free. You have the power to to let go of anger, and to forgive. When you hold onto past hurts, you are a prisoner in your own mind, for which only you hold the key to freedom. 

How symbolic to free yourself today; from all that hurts, haunts and hinders you to move forward. You were made to go the distance, and live your life, full of dreams that were placed in your heart at birth. Cast off the chains that bind you, and experience freedom today. 

Declare your independence from the lies and deceit you tell yourself. It is in this space where your greatness will shine. 



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