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Sometimes I forget and I struggle. When I remember it all seems easy, almost too easy. What is it that I keep forgetting? 

To align myself with the good. The amazing. The bigness that is meant for me.

Before you roll your eyes, (I do sometimes when I am out of sync with this amazing energy) let me tell you a quick story. When you align yourself with your troubles you get more of the same. And because you are getting shit sandwiches handed to you again and again it seems like a terrible cruel joke life is playing on you. But when you understand the "game", you learn that you can say no thank you to those terrible tasting sandwiches and instead ask for the big smorgasbord buffet- where you get to pick and choose the fabulous meal that is yummy and satisfying. 

How? Align yourself with the good.

How? Focus on the good

So in this life analogy we are obviously on a food theme, so let's stick with that.

Imagine you are walking down a buffet isle, looking at rows of fabulous food, your own personal smorgasbord and you notice pickles. Maybe you don't like pickles. Then by all means don't pick up the pickles and put them on your plate. Just notice them and move on. Then you come to coleslaw. You love coleslaw. It makes you feel good. So you pile it on you plate alongside the turkey sandwich that you love.Yum!! You move a little further down the row and you notice beets. Beets make you barf, but you heard they were good for you, so you begin to spoon them on your plate. Wait!! Why the heck would you put beets on your plate if they make you sick????? Move on... just because it is good for someone else or many others does not necessarily mean it is good for you.

So you keep walking and you come to the desserts. A little voice begins in your head saying "nope. not going to do it. it is bad for me." So you don't get a dessert. But you wanted a dessert. And now you feel deprived because you are not getting a dessert. PICK UP THE FREAKING DESSERT! You have one life here. Eat the cake. Enjoy your life. Do you know what the definition of dessert is????? It is the sweet course at the end of the meal. DO YOU WANT TO MISS OUT ON THE SWEETNESS OF LIFE? That is the golden ring people. Grasp onto the sweetness of life. Claim it. God has been waiting for you to enjoy it!!!!

So, now that I have told you my buffet story... I want you to know I am obviously not saying to stuff yourself with large amounts of sugar and chocolate (okay go for the chocolate). What I am saying is stop playing small and living day to day in your beets. (or whatever it is that makes you sick.) I lived in my beets- my anxiety - and I sat there with it day after day. And I could not understand how to get out of it. It was when I learned to say "no thank you" to what I didn't want and say "yes please" to what I did want that my life began to change. 

Is there any possibility you are eating beets when you don't want to ? 

Let go of what does not feel good for you. 

Ask God for more of what does. 

Once you are in the zone of allowing yourself to feel good, you will be amazed at how much and how fast the greatness that was always meant for you will be aligned in your life. 

Eat the cake.

Love Always, Lucie


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