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Do you Have The Right Attitude?

Today's picture is a photo I took on the beach, just as the sun was rising. If I could bottle the feeling I felt that morning I would. Seeing the sun rise made me feel full of newness, optimism and motivation for the day.

It is so true that what you say to yourself first thing in the morning, shapes your day. Its not to say that you cannot change if your day starts off on the wrong foot, its just that much more smooth if it begins on a calm and positive note.

So how do you wake up? 

What are your first thoughts?

Is it, "I did not get enough sleep?"

"I have too much to do today?"

"The house is a mess and I don't have time?" 

If this sounds familiar, the day has started on a stressful vibration, and will continue until you change your focus. 

However, if you deliberately choose how you would like your day to go, you can begin each day with gratitude. It is a very simple exercise, which once you begin, can become habit before the months end. Upon waking ask yourself, "What am I grateful for?" And begin to go through a list in your head, I try to find ten things every morning, though one is enough to start your day! 

It sounds almost too simple that something as easy as a few different thoughts in the morning can change your world, but try it, and feel the shift. Your days will be brighter and the stuff that used to weigh you down will no longer be your focus.

Enjoy your morning, 



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