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Do You Love Your Feet?

Dear Beautiful You,

I used to hate my body. Such a strong word, hate, but fitting. And it wasn't what you may think. I was a little mad with my outward appearance, but I was incredibly angry at the inside. I would go around pissed off about the things that my stomach was reacting to and resenting all the food sensitivities. I would complain to anyone that would listen, to also let them know that my body was not the way I thought it should be. 

I went to doctors, alternative helpers, energy healers, whoever would try to fix me and put me back together the way I thought was right. These people would join my plight and give me potions, vitamins and anything else to expel the body of its wrongness. Except, no one could ever do it. There was not anyone on this planet that could fix what was wrong with me. Why? Because there was nothing wrong. I was battling an imaginary demon day in and day out. 

Every sensitivity, every flair-up of psoriasis, every dizzy spell was just my body, lovingly speaking to me, letting me know we needed change. Once I saw the truth, that this was not a fight, but a friend to listen to, my world changed. 

It was at this time I began to honor and hear every part of me. Taking a shower became a ritual of love, instead of a speedy wash. I would send light and love to from my hair down to my toes. There was no judgement when I stepped out in front of the mirror in a towel, but instead pure admiration to a body that held and carried me through life so far and continues to do its job so perfectly. When I am heavier or lighter in weight, I bless that knowing it is exactly where I need to be at the moment. 

And I made peace with my inside. I love my digestive system for protecting me over and over again. For my kidneys, liver and lungs for doing their job so awesomely, without need from me to interject. For my brain that is so curious and active for teaching me to coexist. And of course, my heart for leading me to love, always. 

By changing my perspective, I have a harmony with myself that I did not know was possible. By listening to my body, I was able to make the changes it was craving and that were for my highest good. 

Love every part of you. Even the parts your may hide from or curse, for it is exactly those parts that are your key to healing. We believe we need more, because it is a bit scary to understand you are that powerful, but you are. You have everything you need within. Believe. 

Love Always,



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