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Dream Like a Child

Limits are a mindset. You have the ability to go further than you could ever imagine. This is my daughter when she was younger, Children have such an ability to dream big and believe what they wish for can happen. And then we grow older...

For many years, I lived within the boundaries of what I believed possible. This caused me much angst, because I was not living my life to its fullest. I was in a job that gave me little satisfaction, but because I believed that this was the best for me, I stayed, working day after day, with no zest for life. Thankfully, my body responded, and I was forced to leave my job due to health issues. The health scare was a blessing, because I was forced to wean myself back to health; physically, mentally and spiritually. 

I learned to truly love myself. This built my confidence up to the point I knew there was more for me, and that there was more for every person on this planet. We all have a dream planted within, and that is the dream that is meant to come to fruition. 

Bream big. See it, feel it. Keep it in your mind's eye, and hold it close every day. There is greatness placed in your heart, and you have the power to create consciously. Utilize the beautiful power you were given, and begin to unfold your blessings today. 

The best feeling is when you shift from dreaming to reality. Believe in yourself. Stop thinking small, you were made to go big!

Let the sun shine upon you, and with arms wide open, ask for what it is that you have been waiting so long to do. And then make it happen....



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