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Eat Well. Feel Well.

Dear Beautiful You, 

Nutrition is imperative to overcoming the symptoms of anxiety. Every one of my clients knows that the goal is to empty their overflowing barrel, to make room for the body to balance. One of the ways to reduce the stress in your barrel is by eating well. Let go of sugar, alcohol and processed food. This gives your body the break it needs. Also look for foods you may be sensitive to (such as gluten or dairy) and move more to foods in their natural state.

Eating healthy is often met with resistence. Not because you do not want to get well, but because certain foods have an emotional charge that act literally as an addiction. One of the hurdles in letting go of poor eating habits is to find the emotional link that creates the "need" for certain foods. You can transmute the emotional link a number of ways. Tapping, meditation, yoga, energy healing are just a few ways to let go. Your body knows exactly what unique combination of food works for it's highest good. 

 Please, please, please do not follow a fad diet or a food lifestyle just because others tell you it is "the way". There is more than one way up the mountain, and that way is unique to you. You are so much more powerful that you may know. You have every answer for health inside of you. Trust your intuition and allow yourself the freedom from anxiety.

If you need help, I am here. 

Love Always, 



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