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Embrace Life

This photo was taken at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco. You are invited to walk the non-denominational labyrinth as a walking mediation, a spiritual practice, or simply for the opportunity to calm the mind and enjoy the peace. My husband and I both walked the twists and turns; and the experience was a reflective path of releasing, receiving and returning. 

Our lives are a parallel to this photo. We experience twists and turns, many unexpected, which can cause frustration and anxiety. We want control over it all, and because of this, we find ourselves in an illusion of chaos. We are not meant to understand everything as it unfolds, but we are created to trust that what happens is for our highest good. Chaos and control are just ways to express lack of faith. Instead, try to trust that life knows where to lead you. Embrace the twists and turns, and know that no matter where you are, there is light ahead. 

The moment you accept life as it is, is the moment you create growth and wisdom. As you stay centered in your life's walk, the twists and turns turn into opportunity and love. It is all perspective. 

With love,



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