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Every Cell In Your Body Responds

This picture of my husband was taken in San Francisco, just a few weeks ago.  He was walking the interfaith labyrinth and as he stopped to meditate on each petal, I felt such a peace within. I watched his purposeful and slow movement throughout, and observed a light overcome his being.  Once he completed his journey, we sat salient for a few moments, and then he said he felt a beautiful calm and clarity that he has not felt for years. 

I did not ask his intentions for walking, but I knew he was holding a vibration of love. When you do this, your cells are open and receptive to nourishment and heath. However, the opposite is also true. If you hold yourself in the vibration of fear, your cells recoil, and close. Every cell in your body responds to your beliefs and thoughts about the world. Since you emanate these energetic messages from your positive and negative thoughts, you have the absolute power to create a state of balance in your mind, body and spirit.

So love yourself, and think loving thoughts about the world and others. If you have a negative thought (which we all do, thousands of times a day), do not hold on to it, accept it, then let it go and give it zero importance. When you take the time to care for yourself, including your thoughts,  you become a force that nothing can penetrate. 

So as you walk on your own path, with twists and turns, just like this labyrinth, walk with confidence and in a state of love, always. You have so much power over your mental and physical reality.

Believe in your power. 



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