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Forgive mom and her selfies

I am a mom. I am also the family photographer, not just because I want to be but also because if I didn’t take the pictures no one would. Not because they don’t want to, but because it is not their first thought. Or even their second. The family is busy enjoying the moment and what is happening around them . I do that too, but with the mental note to freeze time by taking a picture so I can capture the essence of the moment as best I can.

The kids grumble and moan when I pull out my iPhone, but they absolutely are the first to scroll through my camera roll laughing and smiling at the photographic memories that remain and tell stories of family experiences and vacations. These time stops are imperative to my family and we relish in delight at the beautiful images that swipe one after the other, bringing us back to a wonderful time and place.

However, one must note a prominent and important figure that is missing from almost all of these photos. Mom. Because I am (and you probably are too) the picture taker, there are few of any action shots of mom. The exception is when I ask “can you snap a photo of me with the kids?” And without hesitation I am transported into the camera roll in my rightful place, proving I did in fact attend the same vacations as my family. But these instances are few and far between. And to be honest, my husband takes crazy pictures. Love you hon, but the constant blur and odd shadows are comical.

I don’t get mad, jealous or sad that this happens. It is what it is and I have accepted my beautiful role as mamarazzi as my kids call it. I do however ask for a break on the frowned upon selfie. You see when I want to jump into a family photo, or a picture with my husband it is a selfie photo. It has to be quick and in the moment. And as the one who already has her camera ready to go, it is easier to jump in and take a selfie than ask someone to take it for me. First, because normally it takes a few moments to find that stranger that you feel good handing your iPhone over to and second by the time I find someone to take the picture, my kids have lost interest in their pose and are onto something new.

So selfie mom is the way to go. In fact, because there are so few pictures of me, please be kind when I crop out the rest of the family and zoom in on a mediocre headshot and make it my profile picture. There are so few to choose from and excitement oozes from me when I get that rare just so smile and oddly slimming photo that I don’t look like the tired, wild haired lunatic lady.

Give selfie mom a break. It is not always a vain action, but sometimes a necessary evidence indicator. When you are scrolling on Facebook or Instagram like, no love that picture of your friend because we all know what it took to get it!


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