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Forgiveness Is For you

Today's picture was taken a few years ago, early in the morning, as I took a walk on the boardwalk. The sun had not yet come up, so I wandered onto the sand, and made my way to the water. I saw the darkness of the night turn to dawn, and then came the sunrise.

It was beautiful, and symbolic.

Our internal light is always shining, but sometimes we unintentionally block the light. Many times we hold resentment, and anger, about things from our past. To hold these emotions in your mind, and in your body, does you no good. In fact, holding these heavy emotions actually creates hurt within. These hurts can manifest in many ways, both emotionally and physically.

The idea of forgiveness very often brings up resistance. This is because many people believe if they forgive, it could mean they are okay with what happened. However, nothing is further from the truth.

To forgive is a gift to yourself, as it sets you free.

Free to let go of the heaviness of the past.

Free to be happy with today.

Free to harness the power for a better tomorrow.

Your body and mind will thank you when you release what you have been bound to for way too long. By letting go, you have put the power back in your hands to create a future full of love. 

With love, Lucie


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