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Updated: Nov 14, 2018

Dear Beautiful You,

Every time I work with a new client, either immediately or eventually this belief surfaces, without fail:


We are scared that we lack expertise or training and that one particular class we didn't take or certification we did not have the money for will be the demise of our business. Or that someone "better" will expose us to the imagined sniveling, cowering imposter we believe we are inside. 

Here is the thing. Actually, here are four things. 

  1.  No one begins as an expert.

  2.  No one knows everything. 

  3. No one can do what you do, the way you do it. 

  4. This belief most likely stems from a life experience.

Let's begin with the first point. No one person in this world began as an expert in your field. Nobody. They all began somewhere. The trick is, they began. They rolled up their sleeves, found an opening and began. If you are just starting out, try not to compare yourself to someone who has been in business for years. In fact, make that person your mentor. 

Second, no one knows everything. You may walk around thinking you know so little and the person you admire is a rock star that knows it all. False. No one knows everything. In fact, that rock star may have just as many insecurities going on inside their head as you do in yours. They just have had time and experience about what works and what doesn't and have created a nice niche for themselves. But do not mistake that with them knowing everything. Impossible. And therefore, also not a reason to delay your passion. There is never a day that will come when you say, "now I know everything, I can start". Instead, say " I will begin today with the resources and knowledge I have now and build upon that every day"

Third, there is no one that can deliver the message/the product/the experience the way you do. That is why there is no need to be intimidated by anyone in the same line of work as you. There is enough room for all. In fact, promote these "competitors" and help them in their business. As you do, you create a community of experts that can aid and learn from one another. 

And lastly, the idea that you are a fraud is probably a belief from childhood. Something happened that made you believe that you were not good enough,  and it stuck. It does not have to be a huge trauma, in fact most of the time it was a comment from someone that you took to heart. Please know that you are always good enough. That you were made perfectly by God and your gift is needed for the world. He would not have put you here if that were not the case. Make it happen, do what you know you were meant. 

Believe. Put it out there. Declare it. And begin. 

Love Always,



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