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Generational Issues?

Dear Beautiful You,

My oldest daughter was that kid that always wearing a princess dress. I mean always. Her absolute favorite was her Cinderella dress. She was about everything Disney, so we were excited to have the opportunity to go to Orlando around her third birthday. 

But  the more I thought about it, I felt we should postpone the trip until she was potty trained. The lines, the bathrooms, the diapers all seemed to be too much for me, so I made the decision to hold off. My daughter knew we were thinking about going, but had no idea I was going to cancel our visit to Disney World. I can remember my husband and I going into her room to tell her the news. Here is how it went down: 

"Kate we can't go to Disney until you are potty trained." Before we could say any more, she ripped off her diaper and exclaimed:

"I done!" 

And she was. From that moment forward there were no accidents (except one that was because we could not get her to the restroom on time while in the Magic Kingdom) And she enjoyed her vacation with a huge, proud smile on her face, when she met Cinderella.

The reason I am telling you this story, is because it is a lesson I repeat often in my head about how easy something can be when you are truly "done" with it. There is no reason to hold onto anything, unless it serves you in some way. 

This was the part of my healing that I really disliked. It forced me to take a good long look in the mirror, and even harder, within, to see why I was holding onto old beliefs and stuck in bad habits. But the most eye opening thing I learned I needed to drop was generational issues. 

What the heck is a generational issue? 

It is the physical,emotional and spiritual issues that are passed down from generation to generation without questioning. They are received as truths and because they are viewed as a truth, we feel powerless to change them. 

Just like eye color is inherited, so too are the emotional traumas of our ancestors, the ones that  were never healed. These traumas can show up in both emotional and physical forms. Pain can travel through families and it continues to be passed down from generation to generation UNTIL someone in the family is ready and brave enough to heal it themselves.

To be honest, at the time, I really was hesitant to do this work, It seemed too woo-woo. So I prayed. And the answer was that healing comes in many forms. But, I was not be prepared for how quickly some of the "heaviness" in my life was instantly lifted when I addressed these issues. It was crazy!

I am sure there are many ways to heal these generational issues. First that comes to mind is prayer. I know there are many forms of energy healing that also hone in on generational issues. I used muscle testing, scripture and a distant form of tapping. I believe that energy healing is just prayer in action, so I was able to bring my faith and the energy healing together, knowing it all comes through me, not of me. 

I first had to see how these generational issues were serving me? And then how to heal these traumas across the generational lines. It was interesting and beautiful. By going through the pain of healing, I realized I will no longer pass this poison and burden to my children. It is so powerful.


When you are able to find the issue, it is as easy as my daughter saying

"I done"

Are you done? 

Love Always,  


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Lucie Dickenson is successfully procastinating finding a publisher for her first novel, but hoping this silly behavior ends soon so she can share her words, experience and thoughts about grief A wife and mom to three unique teenagers, she is a thriving and internationally recognized writer and anxiety coach, with 25 years experience in training and business. Her passion is helping others to truly understand that their life stories hold the key to healing and connecting with others.www.lovealwayslucie.comCertified EFT/Tapping Coach/Muscle testing Creator of the 3-Steps to Freedom Method


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