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I Am Out Of My Mind?

Dear Beautiful You,

Have you ever said the following: 

I am not feeling like myself

I am beside myself

I am out of my mind

I am getting ahead of myself

These are signals from yourself that you are not grounded. 

Think about it. When you are balanced, your energy can fill a room

and you are attractive to all around you. People are drawn to you.

This is because you are grounded in the now and present in mind, body and spirit. 

However, when you are out of balance you can bring down a room the moment you walk in.

Your energy is low and creates confusion and aversion.

You also know you are in this state, as you say some of the above idioms like

"I am beside myself". This is because your body, mind, and spirit is not aligned

and your energy is attempting to guide you. You will feel disconnected, not just from your surroundings, but yourself, which wishes to be in perfect harmony with the universe.

If you are not grounded in the present moment,your body will attempt to get you there any way possible.This can cause symptoms, especially anxiety. You can feel off balance, weak, scared, brain fog and many other symptoms that run along side anxiety. 

To be present is the greatest gift you can give yourself.

Let go of worry about the future and regrets about the past.

Being in those spaces does nothing good for you.

In fact it is in those spaces that separation and disharmony is created.

Be aware.

When you find yourself in this disconnection,

move into the direction of the present moment.

Look around at your surroundings and readjust to anchor yourself in love. 

You will feel strong and centered as you align yourself with this moment. 

The symptoms fade and your energy will embody all the wonderful qualities that are meant for your highest good.  

Love Always, 



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