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I AM What?

Updated: Sep 27, 2018

Today's picture was taken off the coast of Maine a few years back. The rocks in front of the smooth water reminded me of life's journey; sometimes its bumpy and other times its smooth sailing. It is hard not to personalize and create identities from what we experience.

Think of words you may use to describe yourself. What are the words that you are using? 

Most of the time it begins with the word I AM ___________,

You can fill in any word...

I AM smart,

I AM amazing,

I AM happy,

I AM joyful.

These statements are wonderful, because the energy of the words "I AM" creates reinforcement and ownership. It is very powerful. 

The issue arises when you use the "I AM" for negative self-talk. 

If you fill in the blank with negative words, you have created ownership of that negativity.

For example,

I AM sick

I AM angry 

I AM weak

These are words we want to distance ourselves from, as it is not the truth of what you are, but how you are feeling. Of course, it is okay to feel sick, but you don't want to own sickness. Your subconscious mind listens, and will adjust accordingly to your words. Yes, words are that influential. 

So going forward use the statement: I FEEL sick, replacing the statement I AM sick. This simple change of words, takes away ownership, and instead creates a fleeting feeling. 

Remember, words are quite powerful, so use them to create goodness, kindness and love.  Especially when you are talking about yourself, because you are your biggest advocate for you.

What would you love to say now?

I AM _____________. The possibilities are endless, and you hold the keys to create your identity, which in turn creates all that you energetically emit to you body, mind and life. 

You may be a rocky place in life right now, just like this photo, but know it is temporary, so use temporary language. You are never stuck for too long. 

I AM grateful and happy to share this with you, 



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