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I Messed Up This Week!

Dear Beautiful You,

So, I messed up this week. Big time. 

As you know not only have I struggled with anxiety, but also leaky gut, psoriasis and multiple food and chemical sensitivities. Although I consider myself healed from the terrible symptoms of all of these conditions, I do take liberties sometimes that are definitely not in my best interest. 

Healed is a funny word sometimes. Actually, now that I write this, I don't find it funny at all, but see it as a deceiving word. To me healed always meant all done, finished, nothing more to see here. But truly healing means changing what you can and accepting what you can't. With that being said, true spiritual healing is always a tough one for me to swallow. I want to be completely free of everything and never have an another symptom, but that is not an option for most of us. 

Let me break it down. We all would love to eat and drink whatever we want. But we were not made to thrive and be our best selves eating ice cream and drinking all night. So even though I am healed from anxiety and all the other conditions that brought me symptoms, I know I have a responsibility to myself to stay on top of my health, eating well and exercising. 

Which brings me to how I messed up this week.

We all have our own personal limits. With my clients, I have always used the analogy of the overflowing barrel to show how our body reacts when we exceed our limits. Imagine this barrel is full of anxiety, environmental stressors, nutritional choices, family issues, etc. This barrel can only handle so much before it overflows, and when it does symptoms and even diseases begin to surface. Our job, so to speak, is to reduce the level in our barrel. When we do symptoms begin to subside. 

I have been great this past month about diet and exercise. I knew this would be a stressful time as my son will be leaving for college. So I was extra observant about watching my stress levels, what I ate and setting healthy boundaries. Unfortunately, I got caught up in the summer party train of outdoor events and endless eating out this past week. I set aside common sense and not only went off track, but completely went wild. This paired with the stress of my son leaving, left me with an overflowing barrel and symptoms that left me feeling like I was hit in the head with an anvil. 

The good news is, I know I am not stuck. I can get out of it. I take responsibility for getting into this mess, which gives me the position of power to get out of it. While I am very unhappy dealing with symptoms, I know they are temporary and a beautiful sign from my body telling me to please stop. I help myself by mediating a bit more, getting off my phone, eating the foods that my body craves for health and forgiving myself for what happened. 

While it is not recommended to go off the rails of healing, it does happen. I have lovingly told myself it's okay. What a beautiful body, mind and soul I have to give me opportunities to be well. 

Thank you. And thank yourself if you find yourself in this position. Your body is so kind to communicate with you and let you know what it needs. Be kind. Be well. Be love. 

Love Always, Lucie 


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